Demo video for our Nuxeo WebUI add-on made with Angular

Revolutionizing Content Management: Introducing the Angular 16 Web UI Add-On for Nuxeo Platform

Content management in the digital era demands more than just storing and retrieving data. It requires a seamless user experience, optimized performance, and the flexibility to adapt to different content types, including rich media like 3D binaries. With the introduction of the new Angular 16 Web UI Add-On for Nuxeo Platform, users are in for an enhanced experience that’s faster, more responsive, and incredibly efficient.

1. Angular 16: A Modern Framework for a Modern UI

The choice of Angular 16 for this add-on isn’t coincidental. Angular, renowned for its scalability and modularity, brings to the Nuxeo platform a fresh and efficient user interface. It aligns with modern web development practices, making content management on the Nuxeo Platform not just functional but also delightful.

2. Optimized for Performance: Load What You See

Gone are the days of waiting for images to load, even if they are not in your current view. This add-on introduces a smart loading mechanism, ensuring images are only fetched when they come into view. This not only reduces unnecessary backend calls but also ensures an uncluttered user experience.

3. Infinite Scrolling with Seamless Performance

Whether you’ve loaded ten documents or thousands, the user experience remains consistent. As you scroll through, documents are loaded in batches, maintaining the smoothness of the interface. It’s an effortless blend of user-centric design and technical optimization.

4. 3D Binaries? No Problem!

In an era where content is more than just text and images, the ability to work with 3D binaries using a specialized viewer is a game-changer. This add-on ensures that even the most complex content types are easily accessible and viewable, right within the Nuxeo platform.

5. Efficient Component Management with Angular

Angular’s component-centric approach ensures that components are loaded only when necessary, and discarded once their purpose is served. This dynamic loading and unloading optimize memory usage and enhance performance. Furthermore, with Angular’s ability to track array items by specific properties (like “uid”), the performance boost is undeniable.


The Angular 16 Web UI Add-On is not just another update; it’s a significant leap towards redefining how content is managed on the Nuxeo Platform. By embracing modern web development practices and ensuring the highest levels of optimization, this add-on promises an unparalleled content management experience for its users.

So, whether you’re a longtime user of the Nuxeo Platform or considering it for your content management needs, this add-on is set to elevate your experience to new heights.

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