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A simple way to implement a feature flag in Nuxeo

“A feature flag is a software development process used to enable or disable functionality remotely without deploying code. New features can be deployed without making them visible to users. Feature flags help decouple deployment from release letting you manage the full lifecycle of a feature”

Implementing bulk metadata edit in Nuxeo

I recently read this awesome blog post by Jackie https://eeikkaj.medium.com/how-to-select-all-documents-from-search-and-send-to-bulk-action-9d3faa778ecc and decided to follow it and to show you how easy it is to implement a feature that could be very useful to some of your end users. As a matter of fact, all the building blocks are already there for you, you just have to understand how everything fits together, and assemble them.

Nuxeo Configuration Tips: Storing asset renditions (thumbnails, picture views, video transcoding…) in a dedicated S3 bucket

“Is it possible to store all the asset renditions in their own dedicated S3 bucket?” This is a question I get from clients a lot and has a very simple solution, but the answer is somehow hidden in Nuxeo’s (very complex but awesome!) documentation.
In this blog I’m referring specifically to a Nuxeo instance configured to store the binaries in AWS S3 but the main idea will still apply, no matter where you store your binaries.

Hello World with Nuxeo on Fargate

AWS recently announced AWS Fargate, a service to run containers without managing servers or clusters. If you were not asleep for the past years, you probably noticed that Docker had changed the way developers are working and the way some production servers are run.

But things are still very complicated in real life, and even if you run only containers, you still have to manage the underlying infrastructure. And I bet you already know that this is not a trivial task!