Speed up your Nuxeo 2021 Upgrade: hands on advice and useful resources

Why upgrade to LTS2021? While there are numerous benefits to upgrading to the latest version (performance improvements, bug fixing, new features, etc), according to https://www.nuxeo.com/legal/supported-versions/ the support for LTS 2019 (or 10.10) is ending on 04/04/2023. And this date is right around the corner!

2023 tech resolutions – Top 10 costly mistakes to avoid – even for Nuxeo experienced developers

It’s January 2023 so what better time to start setting some good tech resolutions? As always, few of my yearly tech resolutions are to write better code, optimize more, save $ on the infrastructure cost and of course, learn as many new things as possible (Integrate with chatgpt — anyone?).

On the topic of writing better code — maybe now it’s an ideal time to refactor/ avoid making some mistakes that could potentially lead to a lot of $ spent on infrastructure and poor performance of your application overall?

A simple, dependency free Event Bus for Nuxeo Web UI / Polymer / any JavaScript project

A simple, dependency free Event Bus for Nuxeo Web UI / Polymer / any JavaScript project

Let’s start with a discussion on component coupling, communication, and when to an event bus. Polymer has a few communication options available, and the key is finding the optimal coupling for each situation:

How to add custom logic to existing Nuxeo Web UI buttons

Let’s say you want to add some extra logic for the click event on a button. The first problem is that there are already some functions attached to the click event of the button.
Adding a new event, does not guarantee it will run first.

Custom rendering per mime-type in Nuxeo

In this article I am going to focus on a rendering issue that one of our clients at Maretha.io encountered and I will detail the steps performed to find a solution.

Converting Nuxeo LTS2021 Web UI JavaScript components to HTML components for import in a nuxeo-project-bundle.html

Unbundled (original) Nuxeo LTS2021 Web UI JavaScript components are defined in JS files ready to be bundled with Webpack into the Nuxeo Web UI JS bundles. They have “import” statements which bring in the necessary components & behaviors.

How to overwrite Nuxeo Web UI bundled JS components in Nuxeo LTS2021

This is a solution for successfully overwriting Nuxeo LTS2021 Web UI bundled JS components without getting the error Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘define’ on ‘CustomElementRegistry’: this name has already been used with this registry.

Nuxeo DAM with Salsify CXM Integration

Most integrations with Nuxeo are implemented with similar patterns. I saw a press release about Salsify’s 10 year anniversary and I wanted to blog about how I integrated the Nuxeo platform with Salsify PXM as the pattern was a little different than usual.

FileNet to Nuxeo: Lessons from Billion Document Migrations

For the past 3 years, I’ve been working on migrating several billion documents from IBM FileNet P8 systems into Nuxeo. My efforts have gotten a lot more interesting since both customers I have been working with decided to add Nuxeo’s DAM capabilities shortly after the migration processes were underway.

Nuxeo WebUI built with Angular 14

I’ve been building web applications for over a decade and so I’ve had the chance to experiment with many libraries and frameworks. Some I grew to love, some… not so much.