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How to approach a version upgrade with a SQL to MongoDB data migration

“How do we migrate Nuxeo from a SQL database to MongoDB?” This question comes up a lot and while it’s a complex topic that depends very much on the project, I think it’s very useful to lay out a few things to consider and steps on how to approach this migration.

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Nuxeo Configuration Tips: Storing asset renditions (thumbnails, picture views, video transcoding…) in a dedicated S3 bucket

“Is it possible to store all the asset renditions in their own dedicated S3 bucket?” This is a question I get from clients a lot and has a very simple solution, but the answer is somehow hidden in Nuxeo’s (very complex but awesome!) documentation.
In this blog I’m referring specifically to a Nuxeo instance configured to store the binaries in AWS S3 but the main idea will still apply, no matter where you store your binaries.

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Hello World with Nuxeo on Fargate

AWS recently announced AWS Fargate, a service to run containers without managing servers or clusters. If you were not asleep for the past years, you probably noticed that Docker had changed the way developers are working and the way some production servers are run.

But things are still very complicated in real life, and even if you run only containers, you still have to manage the underlying infrastructure. And I bet you already know that this is not a trivial task!

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Identity Management in Nuxeo with Okta

Okta is a popular choice for identity management in the cloud these days, which is why we wanted to integrate its capabilities with the Nuxeo Content Services Platform. Configuring the Nuxeo Platform to use Okta for both authentication and user provisioning is extremely easy!

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Dramatically Reduce Media Conversion Workload

One of the greatest challenges for large organizations is managing the preparation of media for production and delivery. Many organizations additionally find value in transitioning assets across departments. It is always critical that every asset is highly secure with multiple layers of user permissions for different metadata for each piece of media. The Nuxeo Platform is the perfect fit for all of these requirements.