Dramatically Reduce Media Conversion Workload, Nuxeo Consultants | Maretha

Dramatically Reduce Media Conversion Workload

One of the greatest challenges for large organizations is managing the preparation of media for production and delivery. Many organizations additionally find value in transitioning assets across departments. It is always critical that every asset is highly secure with multiple layers of user permissions for different metadata for each piece of media. The Nuxeo Platform is the perfect fit for all of these requirements.

By leveraging the Nuxeo Content Services Platformmedia organizations can transform the way their assets are created and managed as well as dramatically reduce the workload of the media management and preparation teams. Here’s how.

Improve Mediaconversion

Imagine an organization that asks users to upload pictures, videos, or a video/picture series (a media asset) to a common repository. The uploading user or asset management team can tag the new media with any relevant information (metadata) that pertains to the asset. This asset is then discoverable by selected team members and media preparers using various search parameters – metadata, image content, and/or format.