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Hello World with Nuxeo on Fargate

AWS recently announced AWS Fargate, a service to run containers without managing servers or clusters. If you were not asleep for the past years, you probably noticed that Docker had changed the way developers are working and the way some production servers are run.

But things are still very complicated in real life, and even if you run only containers, you still have to manage the underlying infrastructure. And I bet you already know that this is not a trivial task!

This is where AWS Fargate finds its sweet spot, aiming to be to the Docker world what the EC2 instances were for the early cloud adoption days: All you need is your Docker image, to configure the memory, CPU and define the network and IAM policies and Fargate runs your container. And all these come with resource-based pricing and per second billing. Easier said than done!


I am going to focus on running the container, but Fargate is natively integrated with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and Access Management (IAM), so you have to configure your own VPC if you don’t have an existing one or if you don’t want to run the default one. You also need to make sure your container is run with the right IAM role that provides permissions to make calls to AWS APIs on your behalf.