Speed up your Nuxeo 2021 Upgrade: hands on advice and useful resources

Why upgrade to LTS2021? While there are numerous benefits to upgrading to the latest version (performance improvements, bug fixing, new features, etc), according to the support for LTS 2019 (or 10.10) is ending on 04/04/2023. And this date is right around the corner!

At Maretha Solutions we worked on numerous upgrades to LTS2021, but I am sure there are still teams out there that might not have completed an end-to-end upgrade so far, so this article is meant to help you as a developer, if you are part of a team performing a Nuxeo upgrade.

Please, understand that it is not possible or practical to share here every code change that is needed in order to complete this upgrade, as this strictly depends on the complexity of your project, however this article is meant to offer a practical guide on how to approach this migration from the perspective of a developer.

What are the main points to consider when upgrading to 2021?

  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Custom Docker image for LTS2021 / Helm chart
  • Marketplace package upgrade: Custom project code upgrade (UI and backend- code)
  • Configuration
  • Testing/ validation

Click the below link to dive deep into all of these points and more…